Friday, April 15, 2011

Railgun Technology

Navy test fires its most up to date version of the railgun.  This device can project bricks at mack 5 and send a specialized round hurtling through a steel plate then afterwards travel 10 miles.  It is a potentially deadly weapon with unlimited power.  Imagine launching a car sized projectile from a satellite in space the inertia generated would be enough to flatten an entire city block.

Look at the size of the projectiles in these example videos.  This is only the declassified.. Imagine the real power of these weapons it is most certainly kept behind closed doors.

Saturday, April 9, 2011

Military Exo Suit Super Human Strength

This suit is the next step in weapon technology.  Within 5 decades this machine will allow soldiers to operate in a completely enclosed environment instead of being exposed.  The suit will allow people to do things never thought to be possible. 

Though it is great for military use the suit will also have civilian applications.  Imagine the capabilities of a construction worker in a suit like this.

With the recent spike in the development of weaponized lasers the future of this suit will no doubt be bright.

Imagine a suit with lasers mounted and the ability to throw a semi..  It will be here eventually.  5 decades or less.

Dont believe it?  Here is the suit in action.

Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Laser Weapon

                                                                     Laser Avenger

The weapons that were before unimaginable are here now.  Military Technology is awesome especially New Military Technology. Lasers are precise and powerful weapons.  Light is the least understood fastes traveling thing we know of and its ability to be used as a weapon has not dissappointed me so far.  Give it 10 years and this technology will have almost been perfected.